The water sports park

Located on the intimate and reserved beach of Madrague, Water Glisse Passion is proud to present its water sports park: Sardinaux Evasion

In a natural and preserved environment, we invite you to discover Sardinaux point, a true Marvel of Sainte Maxime.

Whether on your own, with family, friends or as a couple, you will experience precious moments and have unforgettable memories of this one of a kind water sports park. So don’t hesitate, and let yourself be tempted, for the space of a day!


Do you like pedaling? Then it is towards the paddle boat that you must go! Board up to 5 people, on our latest generation of rentals! Adults, bask on sun loungers! Kids, slide on our colorful slides!

New for 2020! Do you know the bike? Have you ever heard of aquabiking ?


Do you like to paddle? Then it is towards the kayak that you must go! Board 1 to 3 people our canoes and kayaks and enjoy all the beauty of the marine fauna and flora!

New for 2020! Are you looking to spend yourself on this beautiful summer day ? Embark on our transparent kayaks and navigate freely on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean!


You like to swim ? Then snorkeling is what you want to do ! Set off to explore adorable secret coves with flippers, masks and snorkels !


Do you have a good sense of balance ? So try stand up paddle boarding or giant stand up paddle boarding ! Calm and soothing guaranteed !


Peckish ? Boost your energy by having a little something at our on-site snack bar.

Discover all our activities in pictures :